Design that helps us feel connected. – Florida Tile

In today’s world we have a 24/7 connectedness that opens our minds to a melting pot of cultures and where the constant interaction of ideas and attitudes can, at times, lead to friction. But when embraced, these same elements can generate an energy and optimism that can be harnessed for inspiring solidarity and a sense of belonging in the world – a “COMMON GROUND”.

As we search for those things that link us together and make us realize we are more alike than different, we also long for a space that welcomes us in – a refuge that allows us to be ourselves while encouraging our spirit of adventure. Design that blends different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives helps us to create a collaborative environment that proclaims our underlying unity.

Diversity is a necessary element for innovation, and today’s most inclusive trend in interior design takes inspiration from our large, fascinating world that is bound by unique styles and cultures. From the food we eat, to the clothing we wear, and the ideals we endorse, culture makes a huge impact on the way we choose to live and the environment we choose to live in.

When working toward a COMMON GROUND approach, we reach for the elements that spark our interests and blend them with the pieces from our own heritage that calm our soul. Layer textures, materials, time periods, colors, and anything else to create a cohesive space that exudes a commonality and peace that welcomes you and your tribe.

This trend demands that you tell your story. Be creative and mindful that your home (or retail space, or hospitality environment, or, well you get it…) is a direct reflection of you and can be as diverse and daring as you are. Be prepared to write your own rules.

Include photos and mementos from your past. Paint your traditional wood floor with an Asian inspired motif. Include your grandmother’s southern antiques next to mid-century modern acrylic pieces. Feature Moroccan art in Dutch minimalist frames. Tile your walls with exquisite Italian ceramics. Soften the scene with country roses grown in your urban garden. Then, serve Spanish sangria from a South African pitcher.

While it takes thought and a good deal of experimenting to make this eclectic and multicultural way of designing work for you, it will be worth it in the end. It is your haven, where you can exhale and feel good in every part of it.

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